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In less than a week, much progress has been made. But still more needs to be done.

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Well, it's been less than a week, but even in that short time, much has been done.

New Name and Logo

Over the course of these few days, Klazenkith and I have disscussed various aspects of the mod over skype. One was the new name. After a suggestion of 'umbra' by Klazen, we went back and forth before deciding adding an e at the begginning would be the proper course of action, with the resulting final name of 'Eumbra'.
I like it.
Once that was decided, I opened up good old MS paint and created our logo, which started out as a simple circle and eventually became a blue eye. This eye will eventually become a major part of the mod.
Eumbra Logo

Which brings up the subtitle, "A Half-Life 2 Modification for people who love to hate anyone and everyone." Right now I can reveal that your character is an assassin for a planetary syndicate.
Job Applications
So far, I have gotten two offers for voice actors. With the planning part of production nearing to a close, the time is almost here for them to begin work. I ALSO NEED SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO USE FACEPOSER!!

So! Eumbra is well on its way to completion! Thank you for your support!


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