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Progress halted for a month because im going on a vacation and i have no partners/helpers to continue this mod while I'm gone.

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Unfortunately I'm going on vacation so progress on this mod will be completely halted for an entire month. I don't have any helpers with this mod so it can't continue while i'm away. Also I haven't been updating this mod as frequently as before, that is because I've run into some troubles with some models that i hope to resolve soon. Once I add all the characters I'll release an early version of this mod which will be the exact same as Lemmingball Z ver 8460 except for a few changes such as: All Bleach characters instead of DBZ characters, new title screen, new HUD and a few other small changes. That means all the moves and gameplay will still be the same as the standard gameplay of Lemmingball Z ver 8460. Well, see ya's all in a month :)

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