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I have restarted work on DOOMLR. Hoping this time I will follow through. I have maps and ideas written down ready to go so I don't get stuck in a block.

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With high school now out of the way, and summer here, i've been finally back to work on DOOM Legions Revisited. I restarted the coding once again and now I have made major headway. I am not sure how far I need to code yet. I am working on maps as well, so whenever I would like to add new features on a level I will have to do that.

Current estimated progress is:

Source code: 75%
AudioT: 99%
Gamemaps: 1%
VGAGraph: 75%
Vswap: 75%
Total: 65%

I just started the maps and the rest is mostly finalizing and adding things I haven't put in yet. I want to make sure that I don't sweep this game out too quickly, because its predecessor DOOMLOH wasn't the best with all its bugs and things I was too lazy to fix.

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