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TL;DR Decisions! Qinghai (renamed to Zunghar) can unite when its civilized and more. Release date for v1.4 is Saturday.

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Hello everybody!

I'm excited to announce I've gotten a hang of decisions and this will open up a lot of doors when it comes to things I can add to this mod.

At the moment I've created a decision for Brazil that allows them to colonize the Amazon region for free if they take back their core from Gran Colombia. Previously it was an event, so it wasn't as obvious to players that conquering that singular province would give you all this extra land. But now it is working perfectly fine!

I decided to risk modding the localisations with success, which allowed me to rename Elsass to Burgundy and Qinghai to Zunghar, since that is what those countries are currently representing in this mod. In the future I will probably make Burgundy a separate nation from Elsass, but we'll have to see about that since I don't currently know of any flags I could use for the various ideologies for Burgundy. Speaking of flags, Zunghar and Burgundy have proper flags for absolute monarchy, both from EU4.

I've also added a decision for Zunghar/Qinghai that allows them to annex their vassals, Tibet, Mongolia, Tannu Tuva and Xinjiang, once they become civilized. They will gain their territories as cores and they also will not be colonies, which will be a very huge advantage for players playing as Zunghar!

Anyway I'm not sure if I'll add anything else in this update or not. If I can figure out how I'll make an event that allows a border agreement to be signed between Canada and Quebec if Quebec owns the Northern Quebec region, giving Quebec the coast of said region. Also England/UK is the only country that ever goes out and gets a treaty port in China. I hope to change this by adding events that can spark wars between Great and Secondary powers against whoever is ruling China (specifically Qing or Taiping). This will hopefully lead to French, Dutch and so on treaty ports popping up in China over the course of the 19th century.

Thats it for this Dev Diary, expect a release for v1.4 on Saturday this weekend.

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