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Dungeon talk, development schedule, release content and expansion plans, and Greenlight.

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Here are some things about the game completely unrelated to the image above:

About The Dungeons

Somewhere I said something like "a new build will be released every two months when a dungeon is completed." The last update was at the end of July. Where are the two new builds?

Long story short: the new dungeons are playable but some aren't build-ready.

  • Dorfhole is mostly complete and on par with the other dungeons released so far. It has all of its bosses and rooms but it is missing unique music for the first sub-area.
  • Vinegarden's rooms are mapped out in the level editor but haven't been exported for build in-game. The boss models are complete but the fights haven't been written yet.
    • Vinegarden requires the level art generator to be updated to support multiple textures per layer. I haven't done this yet.
    • The latest version of SFML has a bug that causes a deadlock when doing things in other threads. This is slated to be fixed in the next release. Due to this bug, the game is unplayable. I could roll back to 2.3 but... come on.
  • The Final Dungeon has its room structure laid out but no enemy or object placement yet. No music, boss models, or textures yet, just rooms.

About the Development Schedule

This is the order I plan to complete the remaining parts of the game. It's prioritized from gameplay-critical to peripheral stuff.

  • Complete first draft of all six dungeons. Date is slated for the end of January or so.
  • Missing content/polish pass for dungeons. This includes things like midground art, missing music, and new backgrounds.
  • The overworld. Rooms, backgrounds, and NPC models.
  • Scripted events
  • Vendors and equipment screens
  • Maps and Menu screens
  • Engine optimization / Loading time fixes
  • Anything else I'm forgetting
  • (If it passes Greenlight) Steam achievements, cloud saves, etc.

About the Hip Flask

The Hip Flask is in the game and functional. It's like potions in Zelda or reserve tanks in Mega Man or Metroid. If you're dying like an idiot need a little extra help, take a swig from your Hip Flask. Refillable at vendors or at Whisper Stones with a special item.

About Rings and Talents

Rings and Talents are in the game and functional.

  • Rings provide passive benefits from increased gelder drops to an extra jump. Rings can be found in chests, earned as rewards from side quests, or bought from Jeasel, a vendor in the main hub.
    • Rings require Ring Power, a stat that goes up by finding and purchasing items.
  • Each character has six learnable talents that improve their abilities. Once learned, they can be toggled on or off at any time. Talents are learned by finding items and completing side quests.

About Content at Release and the Free Update

In order to release earlier, the game will be released with the core story only and minimal side content. This is not Early Access, it is the complete main story. Some time later there will be a free update that will nearly double the size of the game with at least four new dungeons, two new characters, more rings, and new epilogue content.

Originally I was going to include all that stuff in the initial release. However, I estimate it will take over a year to complete based on past experience. Since it's all "extra" content that only supplements the main game, I feel safe saving it for later. Plus it'll give players a reason to pick up the game again.

About Steam Greenlight

At the time of writing, Zeran's Folly does not have a publisher and there are no plans to actively find one. The goal is to release on Steam, so the game will have to go through Greenlight.

I plan to launch on Greenlight after the dungeons have been polished and some overworld areas have been completed. Two videos will accompany the campaign: a regular gameplay video and an animated story trailer that has a lot of Lone but unfortunately not many boobs or butts.

I'm pulling this out of my ass but I estimate the Greenlight campaign will launch around May at the very latest.

Zeran's Folly is planned to release next year in 2017. I have no idea how long each of the remaining pieces will take, or if it will even make it through Greenlight, so I can't specify a day or month. Once the game is closer to completion there will be more accurate dates.

Finally, if you've read this far, thanks. Tell your friends about the weird black guy, dancing sharks and green boobs game so it doesn't completely fall on its face when it launches.

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