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There wasn't an update for a long time. It doesn't mean that project is dead or something.

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Hi, everyone!

I hope you have a good winter holidays!
There wasn't an update for a long time, isn't it? It doesn't mean that project is dead or something.
In fact working on that as hard as I can. There a lot of other things like work and studying that disturb me from doing my project.

But sometimes I have some free time to make some new content for moddb.
Soon you will see new logo and some new screenshoots. So stay tuned!

P.S. by the way I have a gameplay footage for you!


great looking game play footage movie LSh!
love the large outdoor scenery, and it seems you understand how to optimize maps because as far as i can see there is no fps loss because of the large size, that is very nice.
i do miss the HUD in the video, don't know if this is just because it is still WIP, or are you really want to leave the HUD (suit) out? Because that will be a problem for many gamers, myself included. It is necessary to see you health amount, and it is also nice to see if or how many ammo you have for a weapon.

other then that, great stuff, am tracking this one!
keep up the great work!

(a fellow mapper/modder)

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fL. Author

Well, thank you!
I've played some of your mods. As I remember Leon map mack was one of the first hl2 mods I've ever played, maybe it even was the first one.

While video editing I have a problem to make it 16:9 so I just cut it on the top and at the bottom, so that's why you can't see a HUD.

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