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Work is continuing, albeit slowly, on the upcoming demo release.

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Level 1 is now finished, and I plan to release a 2-map "demo" once the second map is finished, hopefully before the year is out.

Doom 3 is meant to be scary, but for the most part, I don't find it very scary at all. Why? Mainly because the locations of the monsters and items are predictable, especially when monster closets are in widespread use. I find the scariest thing to be those rare occasions when monsters are roaming around the area and I'm not sure exactly where or what they are.

But if we were really stranded in a hellish environment, we wouldn't know where all the monsters and items were. Nor could we rely upon the knowledge that once we cleared an area of monsters, no other monsters would come along...

Thus, I have implemented some scripts to make the spawning of monsters and items prone to some randomness. There are limits on monster counts and monster-to-items ratios to keep the gameplay fair for the player, but no two playthroughs will be exactly the same, and you will never be absolutely sure about what is around the corner. I must admit the idea was suggested to me by a few gamers who had been playing Left 4 Dead a lot- but since something similar is entirely implementable in Doom 3, I thought it may also be very suitable for the kind of gameplay I am aiming for in this modification.


Sounds interesting, we'll see how it's gonna work out in the upcoming Demo. :)

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