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I've got more screenshots up and ready to talk about the progress of the game and the things in store for the future.

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Big Progress

Screenshots Part 2Screenshots Part 2

Lets get started

So with the new screenshots, I am showing of more of my progress with the main game. It is progressing quite quickly and I am really looking forward to the completion of Chapter 2. For those of you that haven't read the other news, Chapter 1 was done using RPG Maker XP and can be downloaded here.

Screenshots Part 2Screenshots Part 2

More Crafting!!

One the biggest things I have been working on aside from the story and the events involved with that, is the crafting system. It really started out as supposed to be something simple and I didn't really have plans to make too many craftable items. But as of the posting of this new I am up to a little over 100 unique craftable items. These items, armor, weapons, and accessories can be crafting with the help of recipes learned from special crafting books. You will be able to view these crafting books in your inventory and they will explain the materials needed to make the recipes within. Many of the beginning weapons can just be bought from a vendor. I am still on the fence as to whether or not I want to make all the equipment after a certain point only craftable. I'm sure I will have the answer by the next update.

Screenshots Part 2Screenshots Part 2

More Story!!

Next up is the overall progress of the game. I have about 3 1/2 hours of story gameplay completed. This includes dialog, dungeons, and events. I have also put a little time into side quests that will be using the Questing system. I have a couple laid out that will amount to about 1-2 hours of gameplay.

Screenshots Part 2Screenshots Part 2

More Updates!!

Next update with be highlighting the side quests and some of the new crafting recipes. Stay tuned and also remember September 30, 2014, I will be announcing the official release date for Chapter 2!!!

Wanna help?

If you have any questions, wanna help, or just want to tell me what you think, email me at And in case you haven't downloaded it already, below is a link to the Feature demo!!

Of Destiny and Fate - Feature Demo and Tutorial

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