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Mod progress refresh - today we have 79% mod completed. On that moment i replaced 3968\4973 sounds.

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So, today we have replaced:

  • Ambient (not full, couse i dont want to voice long track witn ambient of nature. But maybe i will do it...)
  • Beams
  • Buttons
  • Common
  • Doors
  • Items
  • Npc
  • Plats
  • Player
  • UI
  • Venicles
  • Weapons

Left to replace:

  • HL1
  • Physics (Need a free time)
  • Vo - I already done 11,7\14 folders. P.S. I translate on russian language. So, dont worry if you dont understand what i will talk. :)

Maybe will be replaced:

  • Music

Hm... I have one very intresting thing in this mod. When i replace game sounds with my vocal, npc dont want to talk. They just move they heads and gesticulating. All this create a lot of funny moments.
Cant wait... I too want to see and hear what will be. :D

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