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Some news and updates for you guys!! Questions answered as well.

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Hey everyone!!

Just a little update for this week.

Mapping the second level is coming along well, but slower than I anticipated. I will keep working diligently to get it done!! I have yet to script anything except debug and start-up stuff, so that's going to take a while as well.

I have some pretty complex scares and stuff in mind for this map, and I hope I will be able to achieve my goals. Just to be clear, I WILL NOT use cheap-ass jumpscares in this mod. Atmosphere, music and creepy happenings are what will build the tension here.

Some of you guys have been asking me to post some screenshots of how everything looks in-game. Unfortunately, the software I have on my computer does not recognize Amnesia when I start it up and play it. So, I cannot take in-game screenshots at this time. I will endeavor to try and fix that for the future.

That's just about it! Thank you guys so much for watching my mod and supporting me!! :D


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