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ALPHA 1 has finally been released! You can download it by going to the Downloads tab. Other than that, I've completed the Slave Quarters and started on another location and will return to Achtley Plantation later. I've also launched Q.U.A.D's IndieGoGo campaign with our goal set at $2000.

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Lancaster Ranch

ALPHA 1 has finally been released! You can download it by going to the Downloads tab. Other than that, I've completed the Slave Quarters and started on another location, Lancaster Ranch, and will return to Achtley Plantation later. Lancaster Ranch is even more haunted than Achtley, so be prepared for more scares. I've also launched Q.U.A.D's IndieGoGo campaign with our goal set at $2000.

I've almost finished most of the features. I've been mostly working on level art and gameplay mechanics since the last progress update. I looked at a list of bugs and glitches that were reported from the latest ALPHA and didn't find many, which is good. Aside from download issues, players seem to get lost too easily and have problems accessing notes. I've added in a gate that surrounds the map so the player can follow it around to other buildings. To read the notes, you have to look directly at them and press 'E'. The note script casts a ray from the viewport point to the screen in order for the notes to be accessed. Eventually, I will change this and notes can be accessed by just simply calculating the player's distance from the note and opening it when the player is in range. I plan for ALPHA 2 for Windows to be out this Friday and Saturday for Mac. I've also started Q.U.A.D's IndieGoGo campaign. I set the goal at $2000 just as a base. We don't necessarily have to reach $2000, but it would be appreciated if we did! So help out and donate! There are some awesome rewards you get for pledging a certain amount, such as early DLC drops, a free copy of Q.U.A.D, etc.


  • Weather System: A Weather System adds atmosphere and makes the game more realistic. Prominent scares and hauntings will be determined by the weather. If it's raining or storming, haunts and scares will be more abundant than when it is clear or dry. Note that all maps will be set at night. Weather will also affect equipment and your flashlight, meaning equipment wand your flashlight will have their life, or yours, short.
  • DLC Content: Bi-weekly DLC drops for Q.U.A.D that add new maps, stories, features, mechanics, hauntings, and even more. All DLC content will not cost anything and will be entirely free to the player. Players can expect 2 to 3 new locations in DLC drops. People who pre-order Q.U.A.D will get DLC content up to a week early.
  • Achievement System: A list of achievements you've gotten throughout the game will be displayed at the end of every level. You can compete with other players for the highest Achievement Score. Basic Achievements will count for about 5 to 8 points, Intermediate Achievements will count for about 10 to 15 points, and Advanced Achievements will count for about 20+. Achievement Score can be viewed while playing a level.
Lancaster Ranch

  • Flickering Lights: Most lights now flicker when your flashlight is turned off, but turn off when the flashlight is enabled, adding an eerie feeling. Your flashlight will also flicker when it's battery is low.
  • XBOX 360 Controller Support : Q.U.A.D will launch a full XBOX 360 Controller support, along with the native mouse and keyboard.
  • Scare System: A totally new scare system allows you to experience different hauntings each time. Adding new triggers, loud sounds, multiple, heart-stopping scares, and more. This makes the game more suspenseful and memorable, to make sure that no one will miss anything. Trust me, you won't.
Lancaster Ranch

  • Flashlight (camera light): Creates a bright, short-ranged light to help you see in the pitch, dark blackness. Your flashlight runs on batteries and goes out every 5 to 10 minutes. Beware that when your flashlight is out, hauntings will happen more often than when it is on. Lights that would be on when the flashlight is normally turned off will not be on. It will flicker when it's battery power is low. To save it from going out or to power it back on, collect batteries at your HQ, which will be located at the front of the map.
  • Inventory System: Before you play each map, you will get to add equipment to your inventory. You can use this equipment in-game to gain evidence of the paranormal. Equipment includes camera spikes, parabolic microphones, EMF detectors, Electromagnetic Apparition Field Scanner, energy pumps, etc. You will get a chance to use all of these things to uncover the dark and evil back story of every map. Beware that using equipment will cause scares to become more prominent than not using equipment. To get the full effect, use some equipment and turn off your flashlight. But you might want to keep an extra pair of pants nearby, or change your computer chair to a toilet.
  • Amnesia Note System: Notes containing info on the back story of the location will be found in every map just as Amnesia: The Dark Descent does. Every note will lead up to the main story of the game, which will connect to Craig Hatcher's background. A few easter egg notes can be found in special places in every location. Notes can only be read once so read them thoroughly, you never know you might just finish reading a note and turn around only to meet a demon head staring down into your miserable soul.

My goal is to release the game by Summer 2013. If it gets finished before then, I might release it earlier. When the game gets finished depends very heavily on your feedback from playing the ALPHA's, so please download, play, and comment on them! Thanks!

We've started our IndieGoGo campaign with our goal of $2000! Let's make it happen! A pledge of at least $20 will get your all FREE DLC for Q.U.A.D up to a week earloer than non-pledgers! A pledge of $30 will get you a free copy of Q.U.A.D when it's released! A pledge of $60 will get you up to 2 copies of Q.U.A.D for 60% off to give to a few friends(THIS OFFER IS ONLY VALID THROUGH DECEMBER 24th)! Spread the word!


The IndieGoGo project will help fund the game's development, publishing, and production. I intend to release Q.U.A.D on Steam or Desura, but I can't do it without you guys and gals help! Thank you all so much! Thanks for all the feedback, it makes developing this game worth it!

Windows: Q.U.A.D ALPHA 1

Mac: Q.U.A.D ALPHA 1 (Mac)

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