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Slowly but surely, progress/development is coming along...

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Hey guys!!I am here once again to update you on the progress of my custom story, Amnesia: The Curse! Development so far has been REALLY slow. I have been extremely busy with life in general and have not had the time to actually sit down for awhile and seriously work.

However, I am currently on a brief vacation and have lots of time to put in the work that the mod deserves. So far, map construction is taking up the most time. I am very meticulous about atmosphere, bugs, leaks, etc. and have been testing, retesting and polishing until I am certain things are perfect! I genuinely love the horror genre, and am trying my hardest to produce the absolute best in quality gameplay.

Scripting is turning out to be a breeze thus far. I'm only on the second map, though, and I am keeping the puzzles, scares, etc. to a fairly basic level until farther into the custom story. I am hoping to have complex puzzles that make the player think, but not overly confuse them much. Suggestions in that field would be most helpful! PM me if you want to give me ideas. I'll give you an honorable mention in the custom story if I use your suggestion(: I will also need beta testers in the future. Just a heads up!

Lastly, I just wanted to thank the people who added my mod to their watch lists already!! You guys have no idea how amazing and encouraging that is!! It really inspires me to put my best foot forward for you!

Till next time(:

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