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Selection of graphic style, adding enemies and maps of levels.

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Hello everyone!

For a start I am sorry for bad English, that language is not my native language.

So everything is moving slowly because I have been programming in my free time, which very few. Nevertheless, something has already been done, and what is defined for future implementation.


1. Levels
To pass on the idea of ​​paper with a map of the levels on which it will be possible to move, choosing your path. Thus, your choice will depend on what level you're playing, and what miss. There will also be a bonus levels and levels open only for certain achievements. Levels in the game will also be a variety - for accuracy, speed, set points, shooting enemies and levels with bosses.

2. Enemies and bonuses

They will be realized different enemies with different tactics and different bonuses. Some of them will give the game currency, some of them will have a negative impact. Currently implemented two types of enemies and two kinds of bonuses.


3. Sound and Music.

I picked good options of sound libraries. Some sounds are picked up, but certainly my choice change.

4. Graphics

I'm not an artist, and this is the main difficulty. But now I decided to try to draw their inability to implement in a non-standard graphic style. But while that's all. Now I have finished animation for the current chart, but it does not suit me.
So now all depend on graphics and sprites. After them will be decided, the programming will move very quickly.

This month there will be another demo, this time with the card level and several levels in which you can play.

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