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This mod will be released piecemeal as new factions are added.

Version 0.50

Status: Released

Features: Functional WWIII mode, 4 completed factions.


1: United Republic (Uses US equipment/technology)

2: Russia

3: Werewolves (Guerillas designed after C&C's Brotherhood of Nod)

4: Bandits (Pirates designed to be a mix of Fallout's Raiders and STALKER's Bandits)

Version 0.75

Status: In progress

Features: Functional WWIII mode, 6 factions.

Added Factions:

1: China (PLA - Replaces Japan)

2: United Europe (EU-like faction which uses European equipment/technology)

Version 1.00

Status: TBD

Features: Functional WWIII mode with new territories, 8 factions.

Added Factions:

1: African Confederacy (Loose alliance of African nations)

2: Grand Caliphate (Middle Eastern faction, designed after C&C's GLA)

It is my hope to complete the entire mod by year's end.

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