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What is HL2: Desolation all about and how did it come to be?

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Hey all! After dabbling around with several ideas for mods and creating lots of random levels for those random ideas, I have finally settled upon HL2: Desolation as my official mod. It will take place in the HL2 universe, but you will not being playing as the great Dr. Freeman. You'll instead be playing as 3-year-long prisoner Nigel Marcos, who is planning on escaping from the other accursed Russian/Combine prison (not Nova Prospekt) known as Svoboda Gorizont, which used to be a totalitarian prison camp during Stalin's rule, but, like Nova Prospekt, became something much....worse after the Combine took over. He shall escape this prison in order to get revenge on the Combine for turning his former wife into a Stalker. Throughout the game, the player shall battle through various locales, such as the ghostly ashes of what was once City 55, a freeway that goes through the bustling Combine-controlled cities, and even to a house in the Wasteland that belongs to a man who lost all (including his sanity) but his life after the Combine Invasion. This mod, though grounded quite firmly in the overall HL2 lore, will stay quite far away from the stylistic nature of Half-Life 2; it is a horror mod that explores how even the most harshest real-life situations (e.g. Combine Invasion) can often times be nothing compared to the harshness of one's own mind...

More on the story to come...

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