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A short article welcoming the community and detailing the game's details so far.

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Hello there community!
This game has been on my mind for about a month or two now, and i have slowly modeled and conceptualized the game attempting to bring it into reality. I have hit a block, and a realization that there is only so much i can do. So i seek to build a development team for this highly ambitious project. The concept is not full yet, so there is plenty of room for creative input and constructive criticism. I aim this to be a learning experience for all involved. Even if ones skills isn't honed, if they are passionate, they are welcome on the team. There is a lot of room for skilled programmers and animators, however i have the modeling mostly figured out. I aim for this to be a community project however, and as this project progresses along, i will post frequent updates to allow the community plenty of opportunity to interact. My goal in this creation is to revolutionize the game industry. This isn't a simple task, for one to be able to progress with the team, they will need to take a step back and realize that video game isn't a business, but indeed is an artistic expression. However video game craft is one of the harder artistic expressions, as it brings sound, animation, shading, and interaction all into one seamless manifestation. Video games aren't meant to be created on a half-ass level, where textures are dull because producers rushed it, or models have too many polygons leading to an higher draw call. Games like Skyrim, that have revolutionized the gaming industry, just ooze with laziness. Simple things that have been confirmed as simple by the modding community, went left out of the game. Things like immersive first person animations, or intense dynamic combat. And these "revolutionizing" games often set standards for many developers. "I can't create a game that's an action RPG, because skyrim took 5 years with a team of 100 developers." This statement alone is the reason why indie developers often don't reach up higher than they truly want. For one to truly reach for the stars, they must believe they are first infinitely high ;).
Anyhow, for anyone interested in the game, it takes place on a desert planet that has been through much destruction. Over the course of its molding in chaos, it recently has come out of a period of darkness and into a new light of exploration. With small towns and maybe a global population of 500 people, the game is simply seeeking to provide an immersive experience. While most of the desert is desolate, what is inhabited provides a contrast of beauty. The goal is to immerse the player in a strange new world, while providing a dynamic story with dynamic player emotions. Ultimately, the goal of the project is to not release an unfinished product, and to have a game on the magnitude the world has never seen before. With many influences, and a passionate production team, this project will become a reality. Anyone seeking to help with this project, just simply message me at Whether it is constructive criticism, feedback, or concepts, i want to hear your input.
Namaste ~ Jason Hope

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