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A new version of ProcyonHook is now available, sporting a number of new features and assorted updates.

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Version 1.45 of ProcyonHook has been released, bringing with it the following new features and updates,

• Automatic updates to in-game news boards, featuring a combination of both in and out of universe server/community news - allowing players to more easily

• Addition of 'unstable jumpholes' within Alaska that take users to a random destination that changes every fifteen minutes, in addition to additional wrecks and other items of interest.

• Ability to make NPC-style cargo demands upon other players via a new icon that appears when selecting a commodity item in a scan of another player's cargo.

• Unknown systems, Omicron Minor, and Omicron Major now appear on the universe map, various single-player jumpholes made mappable.

Cloak adjustments:

• Cloaks can no longer be engaged in cut scenes.

• Player contact lists update immediately when a ship uncloaks.

• Nanobots and shield batteries no longer function while cloaked.

We've also finalized a process by which we are able to quickly transfer characters across accounts without any apparent degradation to server stability. Players may now use the Contact Us page on our website to request such transfers if they've lost their multiplayer key as long as they provide the name of at least one character on the old account, and one on the new account. Note that the eight character per account limit still applies in the case of character transfers, and that all requests will be given proper scrutiny.

In addition, players may also use the Contact Us page to submit news articles that they wish to publish via the new in-game news system to us... though I feel it is important to note that we will be extremely picky as to what is accepted to be published on the server, so I will warn you ahead of time that the probability of such submissions being denied is high.

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