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The weekend of September 12 to 15 you can win 3 copies of Counter Strike Global Offensive on Steam.

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CS:GO Prize Weekend
In the CS:GO Prize Weekend we will give away three official copies of the game Counter Strike Global Offensive for Steam.

Starting on the morning of Friday the 12th of September we will temporarily replace the rankings on UltraAOW NewMaps 4.1 with a clean one.
During the weekend it will collect player statistics and on Monday the 15th of September at midnight Dutch time it ends.

The Winners?
On or around Tuesday the 16th of September we will announce who are the winners:

  • The number 1 who played the most games wins a copy of CS:GO
  • The number 1 who destroyed the most buildings wins a copy of CS:GO
  • The number 1 who killed the most infantry wins a copy of CS:GO

Where can i lookup my stats?
Here: (will be cleaned when the weekend event starts)

Rules of Engagement?
Most important rules:

  • You cannot ever cheat on any of our servers
  • You cannot use advantage skins or models
  • You must be registered on our forums over here
  • You must have a Steam Account to receive the Prize
  • Anything you *think* is inappropiate should not be done, if in doubt: Ask a moderator or admin

Other important rules you should know about to avoid being (q)kicked, banned or excluded from the contest:
Please click here to review all server rules.

The Map Rotation
Detroit Orca_Heights GreatUnder MPF_Valley Cracked
Hidden_Valley Lake_Garden Terrace Urban_Warfare Ocean_View
Forest_Falls Cold_Wall Airai Mars Traverse Bridge_Control
DOM_Hand_of_Nod Forgotten_Town SeasideSunset Country_Side
Cold_Waters River_Canyon Terrace Lunar_Landing Infinite_Isle
Atoll Ridge_Warfare Winter_Field Cold_River River_Canyon
Creekdale_Fly Tib_Pit_3 Oasis_Flying Industrial_Strength
The_Pathe Vile_Facility Hidden_Valley HillBilly_Valley
Backstab FalcWhore Bio River_RaidTS Deth_River Battleground
Hangmans_Canyon RiverValley River_of_Hope Conyard_Assault
Woodland Domes ULake Sleepy_Hollow Wasteland Esco_Island
Nova Crevasse TheCanyon CloseCombat Tropics Uphill
GreatUnder Winterfell Cold_Valley Tib_Waste Tobruk Tomb
SeasideCanyon Siege Medical_Center Area81 Deth_River
Uphill Dust_Training Industrial_Strength Orca_Heights
BunkersTS BasinTS MPF_Under MPF_Islands GlacierTS

Many thanks goes out to Instinct who donated these three copies of CS:GO for this purpose.

Thanks people for reading this and maybe joining up the Weekend.
And good luck battling for the Counter Strike Global Offensive copies :D

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