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This news is about Private Mod share Information. The details are in the news which moddb asks me to put on 50 characters here so I have to.

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First of all, excuse if my English is poor >_<

i'm newbie who interested to make a Mod, So I learn to made it...
but still, i can't make a model W3D so i just make a Private Mod (borrow some model from other mods)
My intention to share the ideas ;p
maybe someday, someone/modder make this concept

i will not share the mod for public, but i need a beta testers for my Private Mod especially from the originals creator of the W3D models
and i need help to make a video presentation

The Mods I've have been made :

1. Private Mod 1"Project A" V1 - Status: Poor
( Basic from Reborn )

2. Private Mod 2 "Project B" V1 - Status: Poor
( Basic from Contra 008 )

3. Private Mod 3 "Indonesian" V1 - Status: good
- The concept i add my country to the factions of the game
- Basic from Original
- Unit model from Annihilation, Cold War Crisis, etc
- Building model from Project Raptor 9, Revolution, etc

4. Private Mod 4 "Biohazard" V1 - Status: good
- The concept are Zombie Apocalypse
- Basic from Original
- Enhanced Graphical Contents
- Unit, building, and addons model from All the Mods I have been found

the rest of the blogs still in progress...

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