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The latest update for Galactic Crew brings you a new large room: prison. Capture pirates after you defeated their ships to sell them for money to bounty hunters. Save your save games by using Steam's Cloud and decide about upcoming features using the new in-game polls.

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This week's update brings you prisons, polls, Steam Cloud support and some bug fixes.


You were able to replace small rooms like crew quarters or pieces of equipment with other rooms or pieces of equipment at any space station or shipyard. With this update, there is a new large room available: the prison. You can replace any storage room on any ship with a prison or replace a prison with a storage room.

After defeating a pirate ship in space combat, a dialog will pop-up where you can choose how many pirates you want to put in your prison. This dialog only shows up, if you have room for more prisoners. If you don't have a prison or if all your prisons are full, the dialog won't appear.

When you are in a sector with a space station you will see a new button "Services". Click on it to see the new window where you can sell your prisoners. You can either sell all your prisoners for 1,000 Credits per prisoners or you can trade five of them to reduce your threat level by 1! These services are not available at shipyards!

A prison of size 2x2 (like the storage room on the Artemis) has capacity for three prisoners, while larger rooms of size 2x3 and 3x2 can have up to five prisoners.


When you start Galactic Crew the next time, you will see a small poll below the news in the main menu. This week's poll is only a test poll to test this new feature. In the future, there will be polls on a regular basis where you can vote for new features or improvements. For example, there might be a poll where you can choose what kind of multiplayer you would like to have first. The result of these polls will influence the further development of Galactic Crew, because all players can directly vote for the features they want.

Please note, there will be only polls in the game, i.e. only the actual players can vote for new content. I want to use this Early Access campaign to work together with you to create an awesome game and I think the polls are great way for doing so. For each poll, you can only vote once! After you vote, the poll disappears.

Support for Steam Cloud

Starting this week, Galactic Crew supports the Steam Cloud to save your save games. The game will save your progress in the Steam Cloud and restores it, when it's necessary.

UI Improvements

If your ship produces more food than your crew consumes, the tool-tip in the event dialog and resource panel said something like "you consume -1 food". The tool-tips have been adjusted with better texts.

When trading with a merchant or space station, you can now compare the stats of your equipped weapons with the weapons you want to buy.

Bug Fixes

  • The game could crash, when the ship was retrofitted while the crew repaired pieces of equipment.
  • After retrofitting a ship, crew members sometimes stood inside objects. It didn't affect the gameplay, but it looked strange.
  • The tutorial could get stuck, when you need to heal the wounded crew member.
  • Using a Fake ID removed the Nemesis location marker on the map even if there were multiple Nemesis ships in this system.

Coming up next...

  • Two new playabale ships, incl. a starter ship with a teleporter
  • Missions. You can request missions at any space stations. Unlike events, these mission will persist during your journy through the space until you complete or abort them.
  • Three new in-game achievements
  • Steam Achievements
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