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The Prism Concept: a brief narrative overview of Prism and its world.

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In the beginning, there was the crystal, Prism. By its power, the land, the sea, and all things living were created. Creatures of types and numbers unfathomable populated the land for generations upon
generations, living in peace and prosperity. As time carried on, new species of creature arose, diversifying the land. The new creatures prospered, living on resources that others did not require. However, one of those species, human, was not content with its share. Humans eventually sought to control the others, killing them, hunting them, domesticating them. The humans, greedy with power, rose up, took the crystal, Prism, and shattered it, splitting the shards among the most respected bloodlines. The other species, resentful from being domesticated and outraged by the destruction of the Prism, sought revenge for mankind’s misdeeds. Thus, the Great War began.

Eons of fighting turned the creatures into combat monsters, disfigured and twisted shadows of the majestic beings they had once been. The humans weakened as the monsters grew stronger. Few wondrous and powerful monsters, unique and legendary, rose up to lead all monsters to a final battle. The humans could only watch as the time of their dominance disappeared, and the holders of the prism shards fled into hiding.

The monsters destroyed human society, ravaging cities and ruining civilizations. The remaining humans banded into small self-reliant tribes or were forced to swear allegiance to powerful military kings who afforded them residence in their fortress cities. However, as had once happened, the holders of the Prism shards grew dark of heart, finding protection in the vast powers the prism shards afforded them. They too drew followers into their grasp. The holders grew powerful, gathering into a corrupt order of marauders and thieves. Finding that the Prism shards alone could control the legendary monsters, the holders of the shards captured the essences of the beasts. Soon, their immense power led to their worship as demi-gods. They grew jealous of the power held by the fortress cities, and they grew curious of the newly discovered abilities to harness the powers of the lesser crystal shards. They grew hateful, and their minds and bodies twisted toward one goal: absolute power.

The player is born into this world.


So, we have made a lot of changes as you've probably seen. We've got a lot of new information in the GDD here on everything from plot to gameplay information. Check it out, and if you've got any questions feel free to post on the forums and we'll be more than happy to answer anything you might be confused on.

The website and the forum will be the best way to get updates on the progress. Of course we will still continue to update this page with new information, but as you may know, news posts are approved by staff so updates take a bit longer to show up here than they do on our site. You can subscribe to our development blog and our gallery blog via RSS if you want to stay updated.

As always, thanks for checking us out, and we look forward to hearing from all of you!

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