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I decided to release the previously unreleased closed beta.

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You can find the files to the beta in the downloads section. But note that you'll need an earlier version of Warband and WSE. 1.153 and 3.2.0 respectively. And this release is far from stable but it also has huge amounts of data compared to the 0.2.6 version released 4 years ago. But the development was cancelled around that time too. Which is why i release the files now after finding them in a small harddrive while moving my house :) It has all the functions previously mentioned in the last news update, except for the magic part. The Mage troop class is incomplete and it doesn't work and bugs your game at which point you need to disconnect and reconnect to the server. Other than that the features that are included are;

  1. Proper Drow and Moon Elf skins.
  2. More playable races.(dwarfs of mirabar, orcs and goblins from the spine of the World)
  3. New maps.(probably bugged)
  4. Crouch walking.
  5. Invasion Mod included with hp and ammo replenisher and item spawn box. (Tree Fortress Map only as i recall)
  6. New armors, weapons.
  7. Previous maps revised.
  8. Magical weapons and items(not finished but the magical arrows work fine)
  9. Shield Bash tweaked and improved and fixed.

Wtf happened?

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