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Today you can see the Lion Chariot of Chrace. Enjoy the picture and give us your opinion! Thank you!

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Lion Chariot of Chrace
Of the wild beasts that prowl within the realm of Chrace, the white lions from which the famed Chracian regiment take their name are the best known. These lions are deadly hunting cats that stand as tall at the shoulder as a horse. Each white lion is capable of rending a foe limb from limb and a swipe of their claw is enough to break a man's neck. There are accounts of prides of white lions ravaging convoys travelling through the region and even attacking isolated villages should they become hungry enough.

A great many songs, poems, and tales within Chrace warn of straying too close to a white lion. It is because of the incredible danger that the white lions present that the Chracian hunters are forced to hunt them with axe, spear and bow through the perilous forests of their homeland. Such encounters between the Elven hunters and white lions all too often go against the High Elves, for such is the sheer savagery of the lions that only the very greatest hunters can expect to triumph. Not all white lions discovered by Chracians Hunters are killed out of hand, however,, for often lion cubs or adolescents are discovered and the High Elves take no joy in needless slaughter. These cubs would doubtless become savage and deadly beasts if they were left in the wild, but with expert care the young white lions are raised to become as loyal as a Griffon.

Reared with a tenderness normally reserved for Elven steeds or other noble creatures, these "tame" white lions swiftly form a bond with the Chracian hunters that foster them. Thereafter these cubs are known as War Lions, for they make formidable weapon upon the battlefield. When the regiments of Chrace go to war they are often accompanied by powerful War Lions, that draw the famed Lion Chariots. Sturdy war engines made in the traditions of the Legendary chariots of Tiranoc, the Lion Chariots are the finest expression of the Elven artisan's craft. Unlike the swift and nimble Tiranoc Chariots though, the Chariots of Chrace are drawn by a pair of ferocious War Lions, proud beasts whose feline grace and elegantly plaited manes belie their awesome power.

In contrast to the Tiranoc war chariots that sweep across the battlefield carefully picking at the foe, the Lion Chariot of Chrace is a brutal weapon of destruction. Proceeded by sabage roars that shake the enemy to their very core, the Lion Chariots plough through skirmishers and crash fearlessly into the ranks of enemy regiments. The paired War Lions tear into the foe with fang and claw, bearing mounted warriors to the ground and creating pandemonium within tightly packed infantry formations.

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Lovin' the lion :}

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