This is a part of my new concept zombie drawings... It should be the last one...

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Greetings Modder Community,
Time has come for me to work a very important character of the story...
WHen you get infected people, you must have an infecter...of course.He's a kind of superboomer, much more powerfull ...He looks a little like the pyro of TF2
Hope you'll enjoy it...thx for your interest.I have another version of infectrooper to work on...
Thx a lot to all of you or your comments and keeping interested on this mod.


PS : It is too early to talk about the game development, but i'm honored to tell you that a coder
is interested in joining me on that mod....WE VERY SOON BE A TEAM...
(yeah...2 people^^ is a promising beginning^^).

SOON REQUIRED/WANTED/DESIRED/...heu : 3DModeler, soundFxer, and...a beer...^^

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