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Here is a preview of the changelog for the New Era version of P.R.O.J.E.C.T.

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Take note that anything we don't like can be removed from the list because this is only a preview of what we currently have. The final version may have more/less changes.

New Era 1.0 Preview:
-Conquest plug-in by He||oween
-Increased every guns' damage
-Light Fighters : engine speed 300 , thruster assisted flight 700
-Heavy fighters : engine speed 240, thruster assisted flight 550
-Very heavy fighters : engine speed 200 , thruster assisted flight 450
-Capital ships: engine speed 100 (maybe less/more depending on the shipclass)
-Cylon Raiders : engine speed 400, thruster assisted flight (Not defined yet) (maybe)
-Increased reload time on torpedoes
-Battlestar Galactica models, credits to: Coxxon1, ModelPlease
-Custom BSG sound
-Custom class weapons
-Working Tie weapons sound
-Increased docking range to 1000000
-Increased NPCs' spawn distance to 1000000
-Capital ships shield
-Custom suns textures
-Custom planets textures
-Custom backgrounds
-Increased NPC spawn rate
-Drastically increased NPC difficulty
-Star wars systems disconnected from FL systems until further notice
-Secret bases
-Nomad version of all ships (maybe)
-Flyable capital ships
-Fixed the bug where capital ships were not sold at shipyards
-Battlefield system (maybe)
-Increased ships hull
-Custom ships death
-Tons of fuses
-Each class of the caps has it's own power source and shield generator
-All bases can be docked with big ships
-All stations have been balanced , equipped with special station turrets to protect against destruction
-New missiles launchers
-Fagu Aegeis Ships (maybe)

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