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Shorn is a Darkness Elemental brought into this plane with dark arcane magics. He is a evil living embodiment of all who dwell under the sun's shadow and has vast power over them.

Shorn is a disabler hero, his abilities are useful for bruising a enemy hero then stopping them from running, allowing your teammates to finish him off.

It is recommended for a high intelligence build since he is a very mana-hungry hero and may run out of it quickly in the early game, so stock up on mana potions!

Though in the beginning, Shorn only has 1 disabling ability, but it is to nerf him. That one ability is very strong and useful against tankers, and dps alike!

Thats it for this week's hero preview!

P.S. Since news articles and videos have to be approved by the admin before being shown, this news might come out before or after the video is out. If videos are late, note the date it tell you is the day i UPLOAD it and not the day it is approved.

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