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A more or less complete list of features present in v0.4 of STALKER - PreSky.

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STALKER - PreSky changes many features from vanilla (un modded) Clear Sky. This is a list of features for v0.4, which is nearing completion.

Multiple existing alife features have been improved upon, and new ones have been added

  • Diggers in garbage now walk around and search piles of trash for loot, which can be found on them
  • Monsters and npc's now roam around more freely
  • Npc's and monsters have had some of their parameters adjusted so they react to the environment around them better
  • A new Important Npc has been added for several missions
  • NPC equipment loadouts have been changed again for rebalancing and new weapon additions
  • More missions have been added for further playability
  • A mission system similar to SoC's has been added, you can now select various differing but (sometimes) repeatable missions from npc's
  • Sleeping Zones have been added
  • Limansk has been opened up and warfare added to its streets
  • Further content has been added to the custom pda, and it has been improved in a few areas
  • Add Chimera Claw, Cat tail, and Tushkano head mutant bodyparts
  • Add several new suits and weapons, and new upgrade schemes for them.
  • Improved upgrade schemes - upgrade tiers now only unlock when the previous tier is completed
  • Robbing Loners as Bandits in garbage has been added

  • Fixed bug where you couldn't drag bodies while wearing the ecologist suits
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't drag new zombie models
  • Corrected position of Chimera Claw, Cat tail, and Tushkano head mutant bodyparts
  • Fixed several upgrade scheme errors
  • Fixed textures within several meshes, and removed redundant textures

Best luck ^_^

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If you haven't already played PreSky v0.3, you need to. I never felt so at home in a world where I was in total control of what I did next. Would I go mug a few Stalkers for loot? Would I go hunt artifacts? Would I defend the Stalkers from bandit raids or mutant attacks? Total freedom of choice is a very strong selling point of this mod.

Keep up the good work, Fluffy22!

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Looking forward to playing it :)

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when cam we await v0.4 for download and testing?

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