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I am happy to present my game Mineri, A Game About Mining. Mineri is available for Windows. Reviews and feedback is appreciated.

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MINERI is a simple game about mining different ores and earning money. You play in a randomly generated infinite world, which is made up of rock and different kinds of ores, and of-course, DANGERS !

10 Different kinds of ores to unlock and mine... Coal, Uranium, Diamond, Gold, Iron, and lots of other ores will keep you excited throughout the game. Beware of cave dangers, Spiders and Lava ! Explosives are meant to be kept secret...^_^ Boom !

Rules are simple, Start, Find, Mine, Earn, Unlock, Protect, Kill and Survive.

1. 10 Ores to find and mine, rarer ores such as Uranium and Obsidian will yield more money that basic ores such as Coal. Game starts with a single ore, as you earn, you unlock new ores !
2. Random-Infinite World Generation Procedure. You play in a completely randomly generated world.
3. 3D Rocks. Feel the depth of 3D in a 2D game.
4. Lava. Game contains lava, both naturally occurring as well can be placed by player also to kill spiders, Lava will kill any living entity at contact. Obsidian And Emerald are found around lava sites. Occurrence of underground(secret) lava is also known. Be careful while mining around lava.
5. Spiders. Currently, game features only spiders as 'Monsters'. Spider will follow player and kill the player at instant( similar to lava ). They can be killed by lava and explosives.
6. Explosives. Game features 2 kinds of explosives, naturally occurring explosive rocks and Placeable Dynamites.
7. Upgrades. Game starts with a single ore, as you progress and earn money, you unlock various other ores, what's more, many upgrades like Ore Sensor, Speed Boost, etc. will keep you excited. Upgrades can be seen in Pause Menu.
8. Stats System. The game preserves/saves stats. The stats can be viewed from the main menu and show Money and Rocks mined.
9. Various small sounds. Along with 4 BGMs, game contains various mini sounds for mining, lava, spiders, etc. It is recommended to wear headphones for best experience.


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