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In this article, I'll show you the premises of what I intend to put up with this mod. So sit back and have a good read :D

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Hello Commanders,

You're a nostalgic of the Cold war era? You wanted to crush the utopian view of the reds with rockets? Or wanted to help them spread the revolution?

This is what we'll try to achieve here, having a fun and alternative history mod for Hearts of Iron 4 to satisfies your dreams of world conquest. I began working on it a few days ago following the really good tutorial series of MrKmproductions, a big thanks to him and his channel.

The point of the mod being learning the game code, discovering the modder way of life and at the same time bring fun to both myself and of course others like you with my work. Over the course of the mod, I'll do my best to create a mod that stands out of others mods while being fun to play.

I intend to have brand new majors and minors to put some flavors in the world along with their national focus trees (for the majors both original or new). Adding a new tailored tech tree specific for the period is to be discussed (would be like the one in Road to 56 but closer to the end of the coldwar) to better fit the timeframe.

That's it for the main objectives of the mod, thanks for you attention.

I'll see you for the next article where I'll describe the state of the mod.

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