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I'll make a quick presentation of my mod which will be the first french mod of all time (on RC x))

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So, first of all, i'll present myself. I'm XtaZe from UG clan (ex Soc) which is a French skilled clan. Some french are good mappers, but except Volo and me, nobody understand anything about modding. So I decided to create the first french RC mod which is the continuance of the first RC. My mod is inspirated of the famous mod from Carbonite modders: Arc Trooper Mod and from the amazing mod Republic Commando II: Delta Operations from Cyro.
In this mod, there will be a new story with a new commando which replace Sev during the campaign and his name is Viper.
Most of the first missions will be the training of Viper to learn the basics movement etc... for the new players .
Then, you will go to Kashyyyk to destroy wookiee resistance but I'll not tell you the whole story ^^

Finally there will be mmh... some missions on approximatly 10 planets like Naboo, Geonosis, Kamino and Coruscant (Jedi temple :D )

You will play Boss as always but sometimes (mainly during the Viper's training) you will play differents commandos like Omega Squad, Arc Troopers etc...

There will be a new campaign, new voices (i'm particularly good with the trandoshan voice xD ) new characters ( Viper, Omega Squad, Saddy(a girl), and some others) new ennemis (the pirates and the mandalorians) new static meshes, new textures (I used some skins from Carbonite Modders to create new one) etc... etc...

Well i think that's all.

If you have any question, just send a message and if you wanna help me, it's okay ;)

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