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What can you expect to see in The Pond: First encounter.

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It is not easy task to create or design anything, until you have some natural talent. During game development, you can use existing environments and remodel them to game. Or you can think up completely new one. Finally, the best option is to mix up both approaches, which I have decided to take. Although originally I was persuaded by myself to use existing environment and remodel it, but as time went by, I have been finding out that several mechanics wouldn't work, especially story mode wouldn't be as interesting as I would like to. As I am doubting my natural talent (which is less than average), I had to take this turn and bet everything on that side of coin.

For example - purely new location is duck farm - in the original concept, there wasn't any, but after tough decision, it will provide source of new events and it will enrich story line a lot. On the other hand, the Pond itself is real location, which will be remodeled from reality, but it will be "inserted" into little bit different environment, forests and crop fields will be much closer than in reality and so on.

Everything is now covered by fog, and I am not going to extensively reveal it until right time comes, but be prepared to see following locations:

  • Pond
  • Meadow
  • Forests
  • Crop fields
  • Duck farm
  • Abandoned cow shed
  • Underground (won't specify that more)
  • Small village
  • Abandoned sanatorium
  • Workshop
  • Plus few secret locations

All this requires a lot of drafting and measuring, how it will impact gameplay and will it create realistic environment? Amendments to it are made on daily basis, but the day it will be fixed is coming soon. :-)

As you may see, it all take place in the rural areas. But maybe, there will be small surprise somewhere in the story mode, so stay tuned...

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