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Mapping, Progress and new features for the UT2004 Elite gametype. Just a small roundup about what's going on.

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The first map has been created by yours truly. I must say that mapping for Elite is different from the usual mirror type capture the flags maps or claustrophibic deathmatch dungeons. It is all about progression while still being able to make it without appearing too powerful.

This does sound like a daunting task to balance this but you can relax on the game mechanics, knowing that the players can not just sit idle. In short: as mapper you don't have to worry that much which on the other hand opens new possibilities that were a no-go otherwise.

However, i am only average when it comes to mapping. I hope one or two people in the community come and join me on this later on. I will explore this area myself, but only for so much. This bring us to...

I feel like i wrote this gametype about three times so far. I am constantly finding new flags and methods inside the base Unreal Tournament 2004 sourcecode that i can utilize for this mod that makes me throw away my custom code. But that's a good thing, as it only makes it well integrated into the original game which then results into better support of other third-party code that relies on the very same stuff. Codingwise you could say i am cleaning up the codebase, refactoring out anything that has the potential to cause bugs.

New Features

  • Shotdistance Announcer: If the attacker kills someone the distance in meters is shown on screen.
  • Gameobjective Announcer has been improved. Now also tells what to do next and initiates a timer.
  • Customizable Weapons: For fun and giggles. If you wanna play 'Link vs Goo' or 'Shock vs InstaGib', here you go.
  • Focus on Attacker: If you sit out you watch through the attackers view.
  • Lots of internal stuff and some early testing with UTcomp to make sure it still works with that.

And this sums it up.

One last thing: I will create a website for this mod, maybe pointing to this site or at least linking to it. This was done so you have another 'goto' place for all things "Elite", including documentation, downloads, repositiories and stuff.

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