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Hey everyone from moddb. Its been a while now, we told you about weapons, magic, leveling up and our features. But its time now to show you what Mandana really is. We wont tell spoilers, or give you hints. We will only tell you what is needed.

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By now you found out that mandana is a unique world that is familiar to earth. You could say its a twisted version of it. In here we talk about the different continents inside Mandana. And we would like to start with the Sevana continent.

Sevana is a stone-age/ medievall continent that is seperated into 3 pieces. Richana, Porinia and Rosania, all 3 pieces forms Sevana. But all 3 have different believes, way of working, way of living and way of thinking.

Just like on earth, some people strongly believe in their faith, and do anything to protect it, represent it or spread the word of their faith. But there are always people who refuse to believe that, because they have a different faith, and that brings trouble.

There is a constand fight between Richana and Porinia, and the city of Sevana was forced to seperate the 2 faiths. Since the day of seperation, both faiths had their ups and downs.
Before when Porinia and Richana were one, the economy was perfect and everyone was the same.
until the war of the faiths began.

Now that Sevana was seperated into Richana and Porinia, the economy went down, and there are huge differences between people.
Porinia refuses to grow with technology while Richana was building new technology.

Also new rules were made,
- If you are rich go to Richana, Porinia doesnt want rich people.
- If you are poor go to Porinia, Richana doesnt want poor people.
- If your an outsides your only allowed to enter one of the parts for exactly 4 hours, if longer you go to jail.
- And many many more.

But both parties share one thing. And that is the Arena. Every week the arena opens. And everyone is allowed to enter the arena. Whoever wins will be rewarded with money.
Its a fight to the death, if you spare your enemy you will be killed or they send you to the desert.

The city of Sevana is located in the middle of the desert. the desert is the most dangerous place out there. Sandstorms, Heat and extreme cold in the night. But also dangerous animals and exiles.
Exiles are the most dangerous, They used to be townsfolk from either richana/porinia. But they are cold hard killers, bandits or so called faith killers.
And they were kicked out, and are never allowed to enter Sevana again.

Only a few people around sevana have no faith, we call them Lightbringers and shadowbringers.
According to the people of Sevana they are the ones who can help their faith. to heal them, bring them peace and much more. But nobody in Sevana havnt seen a light/shadow-bringer in the last few years. Meaby its just a fairy tale? a ghost story, nobody knows. But the time is near that a light/shadow-bringer will arive.

So what will you do when you arive here?
Will you join the angels? or do you join the demons?
Or do you refuse to join either and stand for your own and pick your own path?
Make the choices, or suffer the consequences.


Interesting =)

I'll fight as a light-bringer though :D

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Very cool introduction to the Stone Age. I didn't know it was in a desert. I like the two separate factions that have a conflict. This will introduce a lot of controversy for the player to be involved in. I also like the idea of a arena where the heroes (representing either faction) battle it out.
also - you may want to use a spell-check on these updates, there are a few spelling errors.

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TheArcpendilum Author

my bad for the spelling :)

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