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Prelude 3.0 trailer is out! This is most likely the last trailer besides the launch trailer!

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Prelude 3.0 trailer is out! This is most likely the last trailer besides the launch trailer!

Bugs for the Squashing

  • Clone Troopers are still using the Storm Trooper bump-map
  • The Barrel on the Sniper-Rifle doesn't quite fit on the body. (There's a small gap)
  • Razor is still using the old Westar
  • The fire that appears when the V-6 gets shot down doesn't dissipate, it stays floating in the air
  • Several invisible-walls are on the roof
  • Super Battle Droids fighting below can be heard doing their melee-attack from everywhere on the map
  • Clones who are supposed to rope-in stay on top of the building
  • Computer-guy (in the glass room) isn't using the computer animation
  • If you fire your weapons up against a wall or NPC, they'll kill you
  • You do almost no melee damage when you have the Westar equipped
  • If you stay outside of the room where you blow the glass, you can kill the commandos inside without them fighting back.
  • The intro gunship doesn't completely leave the map when if flies away, it freezes just over the hill
  • The exit gunship's turrets are visible from the roof, even though the rest of it is not
  • The crates fail to move when the wall is blown in, though they do move when meleed.

    Working on:

    New, interactive HUD
    Fine-tuning weapons
    Making Maps more deatailed

    Green means fixed, red means not fixed, orange means fixing in progress. Once everything lights up green, the Beta will deploy.


looking good

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Hockey, could you paste the bug-fixes below this so it stays on the front page?

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