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New update with requested by community features. And 25% off during Steam Winter Sale!

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What's new with 1.3 Steam version?

  • Added 'Undo' and 'Redo' feature

  • Now you can see global Steam statistics in main menu
  • Added multiple solution slots for each level (last solution plus five slots for your own use)

  • Now you can remove devices with Delete key (also while hovering them)
  • Added option to skip intro screen
  • Added tips to logic gates (introduction to their mechanics)
  • Added four new achievements (now there is nice, round number of 16 achievements)
    • Cleaner - Find clean solution for every level in the game
    • Savings - Complete chapter VI using less than 64 devices
    • Ten - Solve VI.5 using exactly ten devices
    • Ghostbuster - Don't cross the beams in III.3

  • Added enhancement for colour-blind players

  • Game saves whether the level was solved with clean solution in the past
  • Added button that opens specific leaderboard in Steam Overlay

  • Added more events that save user profile to avoid losing progress
  • Languages fixes
  • Fixed few bugs
  • Added hot-key for colorblind enhancement (Press B or hold V) [1.3.1]
  • Added 'Save' button in level completion screen so you can save solution to slot with information about clearness, logic ticks and laser length [1.3.1]
  • Added information about hot-key for devices on toolbox [1.3.1]
  • Fixed bug with colorblind mode hot-key [1.3.2]
  • Changed order of stats to consistent one, now it's devices, laser beam length, logic ticks all across the game [1.3.2]

Note for "Cleaner" achievement: you have to run levels solutions once again to make it save whether it is clean solution. It is because of updated level solution save file structure.

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