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First, the general update. Don't expect these to come out often because I am mainly one person working on this (with help regarding assets here and there), and I am not an experienced modder. I am also doing this as a side-project. Therefore this mod will take time, and there will often be a notable period of time in between updates on progress. But unless I put out an explicit statement at some point claiming that it is dead, you can assume it's still slowly being worked on.

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With that out of the way, let us look at the preliminary look for the troop trees you might expect to find on the various factions in the game. There will be no images attached quite yet since asset implementation is still very much in its early stages. The troop trees are subject to change, especially depending on whether I implement separate recruitment of noble units or not.

If I do decide to implement separate troop trees one will be able to recruit militia units from towns and noble units from castles. The noble units in that case would be faction specific and require you to become a vassal of said faction to recruit them. This is not certain to be implemented as I am not sure it is fitting or not for the overall feel I am aiming, which is to keep it relatively close to native. For that reason I will list the trees below with the native system

In the threes below I've marked the troops as following: A troop with a black outline is infantry, green outline is ranged, orange outline is cavalry, and purple are horse archers/skirmishers.

Duchy of Zarlem:


Rhodok Republic:


Principality of Curaw:

Ekrem EmpireEkrem

Sargot Confederacy:Nord

Sarranid Sultanate:Sarranid

Kingdom of Swadia

That will be it about the troop trees for now. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to write them in the comments.

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