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Hello! This time i am giving away renders of largest predator that ever lived in ocean. That is correct, i am talking about Liopleurodon.

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We had some bad luck with our lead programmer which unfortunately got new job and had to step down from our project. Bad news to us but on other hand good news for him:D.
Getting a decent programmer who is committed to project is hard those days, and if there is anyone reading this post and being interested in programming position do not hesitate to contact me.

Time is definitely not our friend at the moment but we are doing our best to create demo as soon as possible and pitch it in IndieCade.

Here are some renders of Liopleurodon.

Here is example video and demonstration of animation. Take in consideration that this is still WIP.

Stay tuned for more updates!

PsychoticLoner - - 1,011 comments

Well, a job's an important thing, so I'm all right with you being undermanned as a result.

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Prettyboy326 - - 115 comments

it will show us the way to candy mountain!

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Spycon_Fighter - - 77 comments

It has spoken!

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bstm300 - - 209 comments

Charlie - "It didn't say anything!!!" Hahaha :D

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Shadowcat270 - - 21 comments

Isn't that the Walking with Dinosaurs skin?

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janpec Author
janpec - - 211 comments

I have took Walking with Dinosaur as reference when i was creating prehistoric creatures. So yes skins are similar :D.

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Bluedrake42 - - 574 comments

a cross between a killer whale, a panda, and an alligator... Go Pandalligater whale!

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Ekonk - - 348 comments

Walking with Dinosaurs scarred me for life with this thing.

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RunningJack - - 48 comments

i doubt the basic movement of the lio is correct.
as far as i know, the front fins are going up while the back fins are going down, and vice versa.
anyway, the model is great!

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Octagonapus97 - - 3 comments

(LOL I just signed up so I could post this comment!)

I'm sorry to say, but Liopleurodon wasn't the 80-foot super-predator BBC told us it was. It was actually only about 20 to 30 feet long. :(

Don't get me wrong, though. It was still one of the greastest predators of all time! :D

BTW good look with the game and yes, the animations are a bit off. ;)

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