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In January 1944, people were eagerly watching the global situation. In some places, Axis was defeated and retreated temporarily, but it still had great potential. Nobody can guarantee that he Allied Forces will just keep winning...

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The story begins with the uncertain situation in January 1944. In North Atlantic, the terrifying wolfpack of U-boats was temporarily repelled by the powerful Allied naval & air power, but nobody knows whether they could come back as once happened in 1942. In Italy, the joy from Italy’s surrender had become the fear under Gustav Line. Above Europe Mainland, the heavy losses of strategic air power in previous year had made more people doubt the necessity of strategic bombing and the possibility of liberating Nazi-occupied Europe. In Eastern Europe, Allied forces had suffered heavy losses since Kursk, now after the liberation of half of Ukraine, they urgently needed to replenish strength, giving Germans precious time to regroup. In India, none of the both sides have enough strengh to carry out strategic offense last year, mosquitoes and humid climate in rainforest had got everyone mad. In China, shabby Allied forces continue to confront with Japanese main force, with the Burma road was still unavailable, day of counterattack seem far away. In Pacific, result of Tarawa Atoll and strongholds that must be removed one after another on the way to Japan, and the fact that the Combined Fleet is regrouping, shown how hard it would be on the way to Tokyo. There was still a long way to go before Allies can reach the Unconditional Surrender of the Axis.

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