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Precursor has been updated to improve the game, as requested by the players. If you haven't played Precursor yet, this is a good time!

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Today we are proud to present a neat little update to Precursor which fixes the problems you have brought to our attention via submitting feedback. All rare game-breaking should be gone! There has also been some content modifcation and balance changes. If you have yet to try the game, click our logo above to visit our site or check out or download section here on ModDB. For the full changelog, scroll down.


General fixes:
- Added Steam-icon.
- Added more information in the readme.

A Premonition:
- Increased lighting in dark areas.
- Made path through the second level slightly clearer.

Below the Storm:
- Modified jump-on-train scripting for easier access.
- Made valve which is needed for continued progress easier to spot.
- The water release lever now requires that the cable in the same area has been connected, preventing a rare bug from occuring.
- Player is moved to a safe location after transitioning to the next level while on the train, preventing the player from getting stuck.

Rising Up:
- Simplified the complex scripting of the garages slowly opening door, it should no longer cause any crashing.
- Modified layout slightly to make the player's path through the garage easier.
- Tweaked balancing of MG-fight in garage.
- Increased lighting in dark areas.
- Modified layout of office courtyard to encourage player not to flee from the fight.
- Added resupply after the factory section to prepare player for snipers.

- Corrected the keys displayed for Steam-overlay to Shift+Tab (not Alt+Tab).
- Fixed clipping to prevent players from exploiting final fight.
- Moved charging stations on final fight for better player understanding.
- Added better cover at the final fight area, reduced amount of enemy soldiers slightly.


>Simplified the complex scripting of the garages slowly opening door, it should no longer cause any crashing.
thank you!

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Seems to me that these modifications only really serve to reduce the overall difficulty and level of neccessary skills to play it normally. I think it's a shame that so often modders of really fine work have to release a second reworked " lite " version for people who just want to walk through the mod as compared to working their way through. I can honestly understand why, but challenge is a primary element of playing.

Speaking only for myself, I enjoyed a comfortable and quite enjoyable level of challenge playing on hard ( with no bugs ) and had plenty of time to appreciate the work you put into. Continued success to you Precursor Team !

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I think the issue, (at least for me) was that if you had spent certain weapons you couldn't do the final fight.

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I made it through the game and figured out every puzzle in the first version. Looks like that makes me a better player then the ones requesting the easier difficulty :D

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I thought the alt tab thing was a joke.. lol.. But it was unintentional as it seems.. Great mod! Just the right amount of length IMHP. Looking forward to the sequel! (If there is)

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