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I'm going on vacation starting friday, but He'res what I've got planned so far.

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Alrighty everybody, just here for a basic "to-do" list!

I've still got a few new game play elements up my sleeve, including thermal discouragement beams and the water hazards.

I think that last update took care of most of the bugs that have been reported, but the freezing one is still out there. (I can't seem to replicate it when I'm in debugging mode- figures....) So be on the lookout, and report what you were doing before it happened if you find it.

I still need to get the full level select system up and running.

I'll add some options in-game (i.e. restart, menu, mute) soon.

Still need to integrate the Opera bird.

I have a few various graphical things I need to clean up.

And later on ill have a utility for level design instead of the SDK.

And there's bound to be some stuff I forgot, but that most of it!
Thanks for the support, and enjoy!


good luck

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At the moment I am working on my To Do List:
• New levels for existing themes
• New themes: "ESCAPE" style and "FINAL BATTLE" style
• Level screens for different themes.
• SDK folders for each theme.

Is there anything else designwise to do while you're on holiday?

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