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Witness our pre-trailer announcement where we drop juicy details and updates in which you're all "dying" to hear! Sneak peek screenshots and finished features are inside, what're you waiting for?

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Welcome to Last Halloweens pre-trailer announcement! We're very happy to bring to you an introduction along with some sneak peeks on our project.. Now lets move onto the stuff you actually came here to check out.

Last halloween is a multiplayer 5v1 survival game, as the name suggests, the game is set on Halloween. Electricity has been disabled for the entire gated street, which is a problem if anyone planed on leaving. This is just the first phase of a night of terror planned by one of the residents, Work together to fix the generator so you can make your escape. Be careful with who you trust or it will be your Last Halloween.

We will be unveiling the game along with a trailer on Friday 13th, so stay tuned until then and remember to follow us here and on Twitter @PlayLH and keep checking our site until Friday 13th!

Trick or treating
Exactly as it sounds people, players will have to work together by finding the necessary items to fix the street's generator. Players can go house to house and knock on the doors of the houses. Players inside the house being knocked on have to make the concious decsison of trusting or not trusting the player who is knocking on the door. Hence the trick or treat, you'll either be opening the door to a trust worthy player who can help you survive. Or.. You could be opening the door to the killer, trick or treat!

The Killer
The killer is chosen at random once the game begins and it's their job to sabotage the other players by acting out their pre-planned night of terror. When the game begins and the killer is chosen by the script, The house in which the killer spawns will place incriminating evidence around the house that will let the other players figure out that the person who lives in that house is the killer. The killer can choose to simply head out of the house and hope no one comes around snooping or they can frame another player by placing the items into the other players house adding what could be a very deadly turn for the survivors. The killer looks no different from the other players and will have to be found out during the game.

The Survivors
As the name suggests, their job is to survive, there is a maximum of 5 survivors in the game, not including the killer who is excluded from this group once the game begins. The survivors have to work together by putting trust into each other and finding the required parts needed to fix the generator. Once the players have fixed the generator the gate to the suburbs will open and they will be able to escape the gated suburbs into the dark woods. Once this stage begins it's every man for themself!

Stockholm Syndrome
Survivors can make a blood pact with the killer and join their twisted game in hope that they're allowed to live. Once this happens the player will be switched to a neutral team and will be helping the killer complete their mission, wether the killer chooses to break this blood pact depends on the person who's controling the killer.

Being Attacked
We don't want to ruin this feature too much, but for those curious to know anyway, the game has no health system, meaning if you're attacked by the killer's blade you have a random chance of going into a few states of injury. Example being that you can end up losing your forearm in which a screaming sound effect will be applied to your character and a blood trail will follow your (final) attempts of escape from the killer. Or you could simply get cut and continue to run away like a maniac whilst the killer chases you down!

Camera/View, is this a first person game?
No, It isn't! Sure I love first person games more than the next person, but what we are making here is a game that was meant for people to enjoy and after many playthroughs and testing we felt our custom topdown/3rdperson camera works best, we've adapted our camera purely with the horror, jump scare concepts in mind, so that players get the best experience.

How far along is the game?
Game Art: 90% - Still need to add final models into the engine over the old placeholders.
Sounds: 100%
Animations: 100%
Characters/Rigging: 100%
Scripting: 50%

How much scripting is left to be done?
Estimated at around 2-3 weeks.

Does that mean the game will be released in 2-3 weeks?!
Nope! We still have to beta test it to make sure there's no bugs!

Will this game be early access?
No it will not, we're not a fan of taking peoples money and releasing bugged out games in return that
no one can play. We want to give you the full experience without bugs.

How long has this game been in production?
Last Halloween has been in production since November 24th 2013.

Why am I only hearing about it now?
Because we're in a position now to show you a game and not bore you with following our development!

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