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Tells you more about the game by telling you what happened to lead up to the world's destruction. Also will tell some story about what happened before the Single-Player Campaign. Updated every couple of days

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Find out what happened in the past. This is what led up to the destruction of the world in the Stim universe. It will explain questions you may or may not have about the game.

Story 1- Erosion of Africa and South America
2204- A new disease

ECA Units were released today to control a new airborne virus in southern Africa. This new disease is being named the Eradicator. As it is consuming African Nations in days without notice. ECA reports seeing African citizens attack in rage to other non-infected. It is said that they charge after them and use full force to attempt to kill the victims. ECA Units have been told to shoot any appearances of an infected to contain the virus from spreading to other cities. The African nations are now in a quarantined areas for the safety of themselves and other continents. ECA is being supported by Europe nations such as the UK and France. These nations are supplying food and weapons to ECA Units by air to avoid bringing the infection to Europe. The United States have yet to say that they are supporting the ECA so for now all we can hope is that the disease is contained soon.

2223- Hard Times
Today ECA Units reported that African civilians were braving the Atlantic in small boats in an attempt to escape the infected Continent of Africa. ECA were able to eradicate the boats before they reached the shores of South America. They contact US officials as they were unsure if others have made it to the shores of South America already. US officials later announced that they were going to contain the problem in South America so ECA Units can continue to contain the problem in Africa without having to worry about the problem in South America.

2228- Nuclear Solution
Today it was reported that ECA units were being evacuated to allow ECA to nuke areas in the New Africa. US officials announced to news agencies that the African continent was ECA issue, so its there choice of a solution. It has yet to be said if the US plans on using the same containment plan for South American nations. Only time will tell if the US can contain it with out Nuclear warfare. As ECA units make there way out of the continent they will drop ICBM's behind the fleeing troops. The destruction of this continent is sad and bitter as we look at the end of a culture.

2230- Hope
South American nations rejoice as the news of a Vaccine for the Eradicator disease has been confirmed completed. ECA is mass producing these vaccines into un-infected nations of South America. It has yet to be said if there is a cure for the disease but the new vaccine shows promise in saving nations in South America.

2231- A Mistake

It has been reported that the vaccine is showing after effects in citizens. Side effects are extreme as most victims result in death of the major vital organs as there bodies are shutting down on themselves. The United States are treating the vaccine as a failure and are pulling troops out of South America. We fear the this will be the second Continent to be eradicated. US officials are discussing with ECA about producing more ICBM's to solve there mistake. Surviving South American's are fighting with US troops in anger and in an attempt to escape from the continent before the inevitable happens. This century will forever be known as the death of many. It is said to have had three times more deaths from the disease and the nukes than WWII.

Story 2- Europe's Hell
2249- End Of Disease Beginning of War
Today General A. Birchard the 4th was assassinated in a high security Russian facility earlier this morning. Speculation has presumed that Hungarian spies were involved during the killing leaving Russia in a bitter hatred to the country of Hungary. The Russian government are asking for 500,000 euro's to keep from going to war with there country. After refusing the Russian's demands, Russia began dropping troops into Hungary. Death is sure to come with this assumed to be brutal war.

2250- The Nuke Exchange
Today Russia began to launch nukes into Hungarian cities without any warning to there citizens. In the launch sequence some of the codes were not put in correctly and Russian Nukes ended up landing half way in the Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland. These nations were furious as they decided to join Hungary's side in the fight against Russia. While other nations found that this was there chance to take more of the neighbors land. These countries included Finland, Sweden, and Greece. These 3 nations began launching there own nukes into neighboring countries. Such as Italy, Germany, and France. After launching nukes back and forth for roughly 8 hours many nations were loss, but war had still raged as troops began moving into these area's for ground to ground fighting.

2251- The Start of a Legion
Russia has been contacting countries in Asia such as Japan and China to undergo a special troop training. As they sign an alliance they became one Legion of land. China and Japan started to invade nations such as Korea, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan to gain more land for there new Legion. After many months of invasion these powerhouse of countries began to move there troops into Europe to help the Russian invasion of Europe. American forces decided that going to war would not be smart as they are still recovering funds from the South American disease control. Sweden, Finland, and Greece decided that the new alliance with the new Legion was an unreasonable move as they began to team up with each European Nation to make a stand against the new Legion.

2253- Flags of Gold
As the war rages on it seems to look as if the Legion has an upper hand. As there forces consume nations and line the streets with large golden flags. European nations call there enemies the Gold Legion due to the streets of Gold Troops that march into city by city. Europe is in a futile attempt to defend the remaining Nations, but they are having trouble due to the force and will.

2256- Land of Golden Blood
The last of the countries were defeated today as they had no attempt to surrender to the Gold Legion. Now the land is tainted red with blood and the ruined buildings lined with dusty golden banners. Europe is now silent as the Gold Legion walks out of the desecrated land. The land is now unable to be populated because of the wall of bodies that now are scatered across the continent. Gold Legion moves back into there land to rest. The Gold Legion sends a message to the US. It reads: This is the end of one continent, only one remains to be conquered! We may not attack you now, but you will meet the end of a gun and you will suffer to the Gold Legion!

Story 3-Laser Age and the Start of Red Legion
2301- A unique mind
As locals of the U.S. become more and more frightened to the Gold Legion's power the two nations begin working a peace treaty to keep from going to war. One scientist of the Red Union made a agreement with the Gold Legion. To keep from going to war they would share there new technology with the Gold Legion. A laser pistol, the first of it's kind, would be copied and transferred over to the Gold Legion for 500 years of peace. A large agreement but needed to close the deal with the two nations. After the transfer the Gold Legion cut all communication lines with the U.S. off. The two nations would no longer talk for hundreds of years.

2389- A new Union
With fear that the Gold Legion might break the treaty the U.S. became a war nation training all populations to fight for their country. The new army had called itself the Red Union as a resemblance to the American flag. No longer being 50 separate states but now one super nation bent on training for the inevitable war on the horizon.

2447- Ripped Paper
As the Red Union suspected the Gold Legion began moving boats near the borders of California only 146 years after the treaty was signed. Red Union were the first to fire as they sunk all 4 boats that were off on the coast. Gold Legion open communications with Red Union declaring war for sinking some of their fishing boats. Red Union and Gold Legion would fight for years without reason.

2894- Few Left
Only 500,000 humans are declared living in this time as the world is at a stalemate with neither side getting a hold over the other. War has turned both nations cities into ruins and into training camps for war. Neither side is willing to give up or listen to reason as both nations are at a conclusive war with each other fighting over who deserves to own who's nation. It is not clear who leads either nation now but orders are still being sustained to the troops on the battle field as many troops will die before even seeing an enemy while others will die in the new war paths on the Pacific.

3210- A reason

An independent group located in Australia had announced to both nations that they have created Stims, a unique creation that would prolong human life. Oddly it is not sure what happened to the group that made these Stims, but it is said they have died off. Both nations now made up of roughly 25,000 each know that there species is endangered if they cant get a uplifting hand over the other. These Stims are no the reason the war continues on to keep them they must have control over them. The war's main front now takes place in Australia where both nations look for the Stims while fighting each other. Life dims short as it will take one man to end this war that has existed for almost 1000 years.


Cool. I'm not sure if the update had to do with the summery up top but I'm going to assume it did. looks promising.

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Cool, this+dredile will make an interesting mod. Maybe might come out on top of some others.

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