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My thoughts about the custom mission that i am developing and time topic.

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ss officer


Hello and thanks for the people following this, i want to express my actual emotions with you before sharing with you the map that i was doing this days, i had put many hours in this map, i really hope you like the thing i did, but i want to you to know something about this Project in case you are interested… This is the first singleplayer mission i develop, and during its making , i could know how hard this is, so that is the mainly reason i admire others, not only CoD2 modders, i admire everyone but in this case CoD modders, because this is a really hard work, and maybe some people can not never know all the work and hours that some person or people had to waste or rather to invest doing this just por passion and because is something that i and others love…

I am a total amateur developer, i had never touched 3D software or even Code before CoD2, i have an almost finished map, the thing is being sincere i am not happy at all with what i did, i feel my map very amateur and some parts are easier and some parts are hard that could give you a not 100% enjoyable experience… well i will release my map this month, you can be shure of that, the main reason of this words is because i want you to know what i feel, i would love to put more effort on this but i am at a very hard stage at school and it will consume 100% of my time from the following months, that means i will say goodbye to Call of Duty 2 modding at least for the rest of this year, thats a tragedy for me being a cod2 modding lover, hope you like what i did and for the people who will try my mission i want you to understand me if you find terrain issues, bugs or other inconsistencies, also for me i can realize that the voice acting in spanish for German soldiers are very amateur… well i think this is all for the moment, i will try to fix the biggest amount of errors before i release the map, other thing that i was tinking was that this mission is placed on a concentration camp and i realized that some people could find this offensive, so for a period of time i was thinking on cancelling this porject, but later… i do not know.. it is a hard and complex topic, let me know what you think…. In case my map is well received and a not so small group of people play it, i will release a version 2. thank you all for Reading this.


don't worry about the map being not perfect. cutting away stuff is normal. i had to cancel a lot of stuff when making the pyrrhic map work. SP mapping is not easy.

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BrandonDR Author

just what i needed to hear, thanks a lot.

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If you need any help with your map, PM me. I'd be glad to help you out.

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Hey! I'm glad you finished the map. Do not be discouraged if your card is not perfect. This is normal for a first job. I wish you good luck in everything!

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I was exactly where you were, 4 years ago. It doesn’t matter if you think your map is amateur, as long as you’re happy with what you accomplished. I had to cut back some content for Frost, even minimize the AIs spawned. Hell, I still cringe at my horrible German for Stonne, but, I have fond memories developing those maps and I’m content with how everything turned out.

School eats a lot of your time, so I know you won’t be focusing on mapping during that time. Now that I’m finishing my last (and hardest) semester at university, I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed the CoD mapping community.

Don’t be discouraged by anything, this is just a hobby we like to spend our times on. Any map/mod someone creates is respected because we know much the creator made an effort to learn and build something by himself. Always remember that.

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The first version release of any mod is always the most difficult, Brandon, because it's the version that usually has the largest 'learning curve'. Everything is new, first time around :) .

You've done very well getting to the 'first release' stage of your map, the 'beta' release and you should be very proud of that fact.

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