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Today we are celebrating! We can now take pre-orders on Kung Fu Kingdom, we have published a new web site, and as a bonus are releasing a time lapse video of some concept art drawing in progress. Check it out!

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Today I am proud to announce two important milestones for Kung Fu Kingdom - we are taking pre-orders (for $10 at 50% off expected retail!), and our website is up. As an extra bonus, we have released another time lapse character concept drawing video.

We are taking pre-orders on Kung Fu Kingdom at These are not just any pre-orders though, they are special, risk-free pre-orders! There are prizes too! We have started a Kickstarter project for Kung Fu Kingdom. Kickstarter is a donation site where people host various projects and set themselves a minimum funding goal. Backers pledge donations to the project, and if the project meets its minimum funding goal they recieve the funding and can go on to complete their project. If the minimum funding goal is not reached, the project is not funded and everyone who pledged gets their money back. No risk of spending cash on a project that won't succeed! Also, we have the opportunity to offer some great prizes for different donation levels, including:

1) A pre-order of the game at 50% off!
2) A custom, limited edition Gorilla Tactic Pioneer patch (Think Boy scouts patches - super awesome).
3) A caricature of you drawn in the Kung Fu Kingdom art style.
4) A character made in your image and put into the game!
5) More!

So take a few moments to run over to the Kickstarter site, and even if you can only donate a few bucks to support indie development and a great game, please do so. We need all the community support we can get!

Don't forget to tell your friends too, so they can get in on the Kung Fuey action.

You can also find our new page at - that address no longer directly links to our blog but rather to the Kung Fu Kingdom display site where we will host official information, videos, and screenshots of the game. For more up to date, not quite so clean information and media (just how you like it!), make sure to continue checking our blog.


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