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We begin pre-orders on Desura! The game has 2 flavors - The Normal Edition, and The Extra Cheese with Lighting Bolts Edition!

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Feb 22, 2010 – It was a blog post nobody read. Nobody thought that it was the start of a phenomenon. Almost a year later – here’s another blog post nobody will read! And I don’t know what happened to the phenomenon.

Ok, enough kidding around. The A.Typical RPG is releasing soon, and we have begun pre-orders for the game with the help of the nice folks at Desura! Preorder the game on Desura!

The game comes in 2 flavors:

Pre-order the A.Typical RPG on Desura! Pre-order the A.Typical RPG Extra Cheese with Lightning Bolts Edition on Desura!

The normal edition gets you the game, while the Extra Cheese With Lighting Bolts Edition gets you the game, along with deleted scenes, extra dialogue and special bonuses from the team!

In case you are still not sure about giving us money, why not download the demo from Filefront or IndieDB? Here’s some sweet gameplay footage:

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