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Come and attend an event that is aimed purely at content display, help with testing, and get rewarded for it during realm launch.

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The mod has reached the stage of having it's primary content finished. More will be coming after launch, in the form of time-restricted dungeons.

To collect fanbase and test at once, an event has been organised.
It consists mainly of testing all the content that has been made up to this point.
However, because the leveling process should be easier and faster than vanilla, it does not need a whole lot of testing, compared to the endgame dungeons.
So, in order to not waste time, players are being provided with premade level 80 characters with items that represent the mod's content in a nutshell.

What to do to attend:
1. Join mod's dedicated Discord for mod's testing version and character saves.
2. Set up your character and try playing endgame dungeons.
3. Provide a few sentences of something that sounds like a normal opinion on the content in Discord's feedback channel.

By providing feedback, you'll ensure yourself rewards on realm launch.

People who provide feedback with premade chars get:
Instant Level 30 Scroll
2 Skill Points, 10 Stats Points Potion
+1 to Teleport Amulet

People who provide feedback and have proof of leveling a char themselves get:
Instant Level 50 Scroll
4 Skill Points, 20 Stat Points Potion
+1 to Teleport Amulet with 1 Balance, 1 Skill Tree, 1 Party and 3 Growth Slots (i.e. Tier 3 amu, basically a perfect base that let's you not have to find one later)

Realm is now online, so this event can no longer be attended.

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