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The America Acient Empires - 0 A.D. Civilization Mod

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The America Acient Empires mod adds new civilizations,maps and a new resource to the free and open source real-time strategy game 0 A.D. . The following civilizations are added by the mod:

The America Acient Empires mod time piriod is 900 to 1520


The scenario maps are not working(all 0 AD civs are deleted in this mod)


You can clone the github project to test this mod.

There is only one download option for every version, because the same mod can work across all platforms 0 A.D. can run on. This means you only need one ZIP file regardless if you are using Windows, Linux or macOS.




We could always use another helping hand with this project. There are several ways to help and contribute to the America Acient Empires mod:

  • Download, install and play the mod.
  • Promote the Terra Magna mod by telling friends about it, create game play videos or write a blog article about it.
  • Report problems and bugs.
  • Help to translate the mod in different languages.
  • Be a community manager and help others.
  • Create maps.
  • Write news article for new releases and changes.
  • Create 2D or 3D art.
  • Help with research for units and buildings.
  • Contribute sound.
  • Help with the development.
  • Test new releases and report your findings.

Feel free to ask any questions about helping and contributing in our forum. If you are uncomfortable to ask in English ask in your language. 0 A.D. has an international community and will most likely be able to help you to translate your question.


add the other factions and finish the water resource. add all the planed maps for the mod diseble the 0 AD factions

Current Status

We are currently in the process of makeing the new factions.

Reporting problems

To report a problem in with the mod you can open a new issue in our Github repository or create a new post in our forum.

If you experience any problems with the main game open a new ticket in: Please, search for potential duplicates before creating a new ticked.


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