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Article about the Pre-Beta version of the game Randy & Manilla with another lot of additions.

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After 6 months of developments after the previous 2nd Alpha, Randy & Manilla it again returns loaded with a lot of new details, additions and improvements that will coming up next:

RM kick8

Ship & Overworld improvements

RM Net Cubes preview 2

In the first point, a minimap has been included in the net-cubes overworld for a better location of the routes that lead to the selectable net-cubes of the game (which are now marked with the acronym N-C as a way of listing worlds).

In addition, the controls and the collision of the ship has been revised and better polished.

RM kickup1

RM prebeta upgrade small

In the next, as usual, it doesn't have to leave behind the graphic upgrade for certain parts of the game, as in the example from Gamezone Cube, where the marble reflects the room thanks to the reflection probes & also with the addition of ambient occlusion in the edges. Even the characters have a better lighting thanks to the method Legacy Deferred.

2D Randy & Manilla versions

20200516 18512420201103 121543

In the 2.5D levels in which they simulate the retro videogame style, Randy & Manilla owns their 2D versions to fit better in this style.

(Many thanks Azucena (Dara90) for making a great job for this sprites)

Life System

20201103 150842

In previous versions, the character only had a single life to pass certain levels, if he fell or collided with enemies, it had to start the level again. Now in the Pre-Beta version, lives have been raised to 3 to reduce slighly the difficulty from various levels, and they come with three states in case of taking damage:

  • If have 3 lifes, it's normal and complete.
  • If have 2 lifes, the number flashes yellow as first warning.
  • If have only one life, the number fastly flashes red & the character mugshot change his status.

And there will also be enemies that will take one, two and even the entire life.

Bumper changes

RM bumper to ring

If you reached level 1-2 from Terra-Qubit, they will know that there were some bumpers that threw great distances towards other points of the levels. But the problem is that they were very imprecise, you had to stand behind to first touch the orange point of the bumper several times and then press space to be launched in the other point, and the worst thing is that sometimes it didn't reach and you fell into the void.

But now in the Pre-Beta version, the bumpers has been changed by rings that will throw you far as soon to pass through them jumping over in a very practical way.

All you have to worry about is not passing in the wrong direction or jumping over them from afar.

(The particles emitted by the rings indicate the direction that the character will launch)

Golembrick: The first boss

RM golembrick boss battle

At the end of each net-cube, will give you a fight against a specific boss. In this case the Golembrick (the boss from the final nevel of Terra-Qubit) whose weak point will be to destroy his crowns of his head when he launches to crush the character.

(Many thanks Sk_alfoyaj for making a great job for the model)

RM golembrick boss battle 2

RM memory qdata

After defeating the bosses, will appear these strange fragments in a form of ancient scrolls called Memory Qdatas. The Qdatas contains valuable clues about the origins of net-cubes and how Lambert Wilson built the supercomputer that made their later creation possible.

By picking up a Qdata, you can go up the E-Mailer ship to go to the next net-cube.

Cracksom virus is finally revealed!

Cracksom Virus, the main villian of Randy & Manilla is finally revealed with this kinematic introduction.

This is where a bit of the story is shown, & Cracksom Virus is performing its plan, and here the reason in where Randy & Manilla begin to give their great adventure in their mission to save the net-cubes.

(Many thanks again Sk_alfoyaj for making a great job for the model)

And again there are still many more improvements and updates to show in this article:

RM prebeta updates 1

Randy & Manilla OST in Bandcamp

Randy Manilla ost in bandcamp

As last point for this article, 10 tracks from the Randy & Manilla OST are available in Bandcamp.

Collection Link:

In this collection, You can listen to the tracks as many times as you want and you can even buy the tracks from their respective creators at very economical prices.

(In the future, new tracks may be added even from other music services (as Spotify))

Randy Manilla   All characters

Step by step, Randy & Manilla it will become a quality indie videogame if it can get all the necessary support. We did our best to bring all these updates that we have given in this project.

If you are interested in this project, I leave a download link with the Pre-Beta version of the game:

Randy & Manilla - Pre-Beta Demo

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