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The Pre-Alpha v1.1 demo and an experimental Linux demo build has now be released. We have now also been approved on Steam Greenlight!

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After 10 days on Steam Greenlight, we have now been approved to move forward with getting Forsaken Castle listed on Steam.

Forsaken Castle Pre-Alpha v1.1 demo is now available along with an experimental Linux build. You can check out what changes were made in the changelog shown below. You can get the new v1.1 release in the files section. Please feel free to reach out to us if you experience any issues playing the demo.

Pre-Alpha v1.1:
- Made tweaks to Synax boss mechanics and WeakFlyingSkull health.
- Added partial heal item drops in various locations.
- Until Save locations are added, Player will now respawn at the last room entered upon death.
- Fixed issue where mini-boss battle could be triggered by holy water being thrown into the room.
- Fixed animation that occasionally glitches when climbing ledges.
- Changed collision layers and tags around a bit so player sub-weapons do not inappropriately fire off specific triggers.
- Holy water flames now damage destructible objects like barrels and crates.
- Fixed jump input handling when hanging from a ledge that caused the player to instantly begin a jump the moment they were hanging from the ledge.
- Fixed an issue where Firegem Switches could be triggered by other sub-weapons.
- Added a health item just outside of the first Firegem switch door.
- Slightly increased Fireball damage.
- Fixed an issue where a player grips a ledge after receiving a fatal hit and doesn't trigger death until they climb up.
- Player will now lose their grip on a ledge if they are hit while hanging from a ledge.
- Fixed an issue where area music would not start back up after player death.

Pre-Alpha v1.0:
- Initial Release! Hurray!

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