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I am building a platformer with a focus on interactions from angular momentum. I aim to make difficult levels with some obvious puzzle arrangements as well as interactive motion based challenges. While designing what to work on, I will need some user feedback from play testing to gauge what gameplay features might need to be modified the most.

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Tessellation Desolation(PlatformMe -- working title) is a platformer whose difficulty structure is based on how movement occurs and how current movement yields varying behavior from level design and enemy interaction. The current build is in the early works but displays the desired results of interaction close to what was originally envisioned. While it is not exactly perfect yet there are other features to work on as well.

So I have a list that I am actively developing from. Things like incorporating a self sustained caption system and adding to the graphical system to incorporate more visual effects and scenery objects. However I will need to polish the gameplay, which will require some aid.

There are bugs, and while I am aware of several of them there are certainly ones I do not know about. Also, while I like the game mechanics someone else might not. If the gameplay is fun, or not, or knowing about errors will all help dictate how I develop the game further.

So while I am actively working on how the game will manage assets, feel free to play the prototype and give me feedback on the gameplay. If you find bugs please post them in here, if you see someone else has already mentioned the bug you found then please expand on the details of a cause and effect. But please do not repeat a bug post that seems well documented.

Once the game mechanics are more thoroughly flushed through I will release another build showcasing them in action. At that point the game will probably feature more graphical features which are cool but pose less of a concern in regards to distributing updated builds. I already have some more of the mechanics working(not polished) that will be featured in a future build. Particularly, many interacting characters: (video removed, background music was found that was not supposed to be there)

In summary, I have a bit of work to do, and I can use your feedback to modify my plans of development further. So please let me know what you think about the prototype and the mechanics displayed in it.

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